Leon van Nierop
1 minute read
11 Apr 2014
5:00 pm

Movie Review: That Awkward Moment is just young and dumb

Leon van Nierop

That Awkward Moment is actually an embarrassment.

Zac Efron stars in the missable 'That Awkward Moment'. Picture: Supplied.

Much has been made of a naked Zac Efron – and that is one of the “highlights” of this clumsy attempt at a youth comedy. It belittles young men, embraces misogyny and underestimates the intelligence of its audience, all in one scene.

It concerns the sexual mishaps of three guys, played by Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B Jordan. They bet each other that they will not form relationships with the girls they bed. Until they fall in love, of course.

This premise is simply an excuse for infantile jokes about masturbation, farting, losing trousers and letting it all hang out – literally. Efron has a vague look on his face throughout and seems more aware of his glued-up hair than his performance.