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16 Oct 2017
1:12 pm

OPW bride shocks Twitter, says she is happy her husband is blind

Citizen Reporter

The bride told viewers she won't need to worry about her blind husband cheating on her.

Thoko and Vusi Zwane featured on Our Perfect Wedding last night. Picture: Mzansi Magic Twitter

Last night’s episode of Our Perfect Wedding caused outrage on social media after viewers watched how the bride, Thoko, admitted to being happy that her husband is blind.

The love story of Thoko and Vusi Zwane is quite interesting as they have experienced both good and bad times, just like any other couple.

But it was revealed that Vusi had a history of being a player; he was involved with many women and also engaged in adultery. Before he became blind from meningitis, Vusi married for the second time and had a girlfriend on the side, but his wife left him.

In one segment of the show, Thoko confessed she is very happy that her husband is blind because it means he will not be able to look at other women.


She also admitted that she would like for him to regain his eyesight, but only to see her for a brief moment before returning to blindness.

Many Twitter users weighed in on the episode. Some said that women who have relationships with unfaithful men deserve better, while others were convinced that the phrase ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ is true.