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24 Oct 2017
3:25 pm

How social media unpacked this photo of DJ Fresh in his ‘five roses’ suit

Citizen Reporter

'Fresh definitely has roses on his jacket! Definitely!' says DJ Euphonik.

DJ Fresh. Picture: Instagram.

Metro FM DJ and SA’s Got Talent judge DJ Fresh wore a suit in Sunday’s episode of the show, and people have been talking about it since. Fresh posted a picture of himself in the suit on Instagram, and said Somizi Mhlongo helped co-design it, but his followers are divided over it.

While some said working with Somizi was the best thing for his fashion sense, some criticised the entire outfit, roses or not.

His friend DJ Euphonik was the first to point out the very visible red roses on the suit.

“Fresh definitely has roses on his jacket! Definitely!” he said.

Some of his followers said watching him on TV made them want to drink tea, specifically Five Roses.

“Was watching, lol, I also felt like drinking tea,” said one, while another said this was another case of “bad fashion happening to a wonderful man”.

These were some of the comments on Instagram:

“Those roses look heavy, are they the reason for those tri and biceps?”

“You looked real Fresh with the roses. It softened you a bit. Great job by Somizi. We all need Somizi in our lives.”

“Nobody Makes Better Tea than you and Five Roses.”

“Some things are just blessings in disguise who could have thought working with Somzi could lead to this. You never made mistakes by choosing to work with that soul full of energy daily

“‘Wuuuuuuuuu Sheeeeeeem’ goes to you, your team and Som.”

“This is a no. Big guys and floral suits don’t mix. Love u SomG mara five roses yona, not for Fresh. Issa miss.”

“So these roses have now landed themselves on male suits… the power of these roses will be the end of us. Strue! 🌹It’s capability can restore order and even bring back the land. They should be on our ballot papers.”

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