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20 Nov 2017
6:41 am

Gog’Flo meets a man this week on ‘Generations’

Citizen Reporter

Watch 'Generations' this week as the drama unfolds.

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Monday November 20

Namhla wants nothing to do with her ex. Gog’Flo has lost her mojo. Vengeful Tau isn’t about to lie down and play dead.

Tuesday November 21

Sphe refuses to give in to her father’s demands. Smanga tries to distract himself the only way he knows how. Will Zitha sell out her man to get ahead?

Wednesday November 22

The Diales are worried about what’s going on with Getty. Gadaffi turns the tables when he refuses to be friends with Sphe. Jack’s words of warning get through to Mazwi.

Thursday November 23

Namhla is shocked to hear things are falling apart at VOTE. Tau isn’t willing to live with a sellout. Gog’Flo meets a man.

Friday November 24

Zitha reaches out but it doesn’t go as well as she’d hoped. Brian asks Lesedi to go to the farewell dance with him. Cosmo and Lucy are frantic about their missing sister.