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20 Nov 2017
11:28 am

Malema refuses to hand over Boity to Zimbabweans

Citizen Reporter

Though the EFF leader has called on the SA government to give Mugabe asylum, it will not be on the condition that Zimbabweans get Boity.

READY TO TALK. EFF leader Julius Malema speaks on TouchHD online radio about the Gupta e-mails. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

In one of their countrywide marches against President Robert Mugabe, Zimbabweans held a placard with a resolution for President Jacob Zuma to take Mugabe and keep him in the country in exchange for TV darling Boity Thulo.

“Zuma, take Bob and give us Boity,” reads the placard that has been circulating on social media. Twitter user Fildah T Kanoerera, who shared the placard, said the written message showed Zimbabweans would “go the distance” for Boity.

Unfortunately, their demand will not be met, as Boity is one of Mzansi’s national treasures, and EFF leader Julius Malema has acknowledged that. Though Boity saw the placard and said she “loved them back”, she said she needed time to think about moving to Zimbabwe.

However, it only took the CiC’s word to change Boity’s mind about giving Zimbabwe a chance.

Malema refused to hand over Boity to Zimbabweans, saying they should keep Mugabe “if that was the condition”.

And Boity agreed:

Zimbabweans were not impressed with the EFF leader, saying they had to go back to the drawing board and “consult with the generals” on the way forward.

Though South Africans refused to hand over Boity, they still had President Jacob Zuma, Skolopad and Zodwa Wabantu, who they were willing to hand over.

The EFF recently called on the South African government to “prepare” to welcome Mugabe for political asylum.

“He must be allowed to come to South Africa so that a peaceful transition can indeed take place. We must do this to aid peace allowing Zimbabweans to immediately stabilise their country and institutions for the sustainable civilian rule and a better future,” said the party in a statement, though Malema has made it clear that there was no exchange to be done, especially one that includes Boity.

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