Kgosi Modisane
3 minute read
5 Jul 2018
9:49 am

Superstar Ace in the making

Kgosi Modisane

Looking the part and sounding good are both vital for Chuks Austine.

Nigerian-born hip-hop artist and music producer Chuks Austine, better known to his fans and supporters as Superstar Ace, is a man on the move as he tops charts and blazes a trail on the music scene. Austine is a fitness fanatic and also the father of a seven-yearold boy.

For him, looking the part is just as important as sounding good when performing for the crowds and on tour promoting his music.

After moving to South Africa at young age, Ace started writing poems and rhymes during his free time. In his teen years, his love for writing grew and he continued to develop his skill and soon became a popular rapper and social prefect at school.

Austine excels in the fusion music genre, fusing hip-hop, afrobeat and pop elements to create a unique blend of sonic instrumentals. He blends vocals with fresh combinations of instrumentals arrangements to create harmonious melodies and combines this with an energetic, charismatic personality and the ability to dance.

A proudly Pan African artist, Austine is set to join up with other artists in a bid to take the music industry here to a new level.

Superstar Ace Workout

Chuks Austine’s Superstar workout

1. What is your fitness routine and what does it consist of?

I work out three to four times a week or more depending on how hectic my day-to-day schedule is. My workout programme consists of cardio, free weights, bench/chest press, legs press and curls and I usually end with a lat workout. I flip the routine now and then, depending on what result I’m seeking for my body.

2. How important is eating and living healthily to you?

Eating and living healthily is everything. Our bodies are the only true home we have and over time I’ve learned the importance of keeping mine running well through fitness and healthy eating. The combination balances out the body and the mind. Having a balanced diet and staying off too much unhealthy food has helped me keep in shape. I also have a fast metabolism, which for me is a blessing and a curse because I’m having to deal with keeping my body in shape and eating at the right time

3. As a music producer, has working out improved your work?

Working out improves my everyday attitude towards life. I feel more confident after a good workout knowing my body is serviced and ready to go. I suppose this applies to my music too. There’s the need to exude confidence as an artist. I draw some of this from my fitness lifestyle.

4. What has been the hardest challenge you have overcome in fitness?

My hardest challenge when I first started working out was consistency, but over time I kept up with a schedule and routine and now fitness is part of my lifestyle and I don’t feel right if I go three days without going to the gym.

5. What is your favourite workout and why?

My favourite workout is free weights. I love having to deal with the balance of weights without support. It’s also generally improved my core.

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