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Tinashe Venge
2 minute read
13 Jul 2018
1:10 pm

Eight Times Emtee had us questioning his wellbeing

Tinashe Venge

Emtee collapsed on stage this week. It's not the first time the rapper has had us worried.

Singer of popular hit song 'Roll Up,' Emtee | Image: Supplied

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet this week, you will have seen Emtee’s name pop up in tabloids as well as your timeline. The bottom line is: people are worried about the young rapper.

The father of two was captured on video during a performance last week and he appeared to be intoxicated while on stage.

However, those who have been following Emtee for a long time will know that this isn’t the first time we’ve ever been worried about the Ambitiouz Rapper…

When he tweeted about racism

When Emtee described race as a “throwback” we were worried for both his well being and his judgement. After all, racial issues are as important today as they have ever been.

When he twarred with himself

Erm… yeah, we didn’t quite get this one either. Emtee seemed shared a shady tweet, and then he want on to respond with even spicier response… what was up with that?


When Lerato Kganyago warned him about his lifestyle

The writing has been on the wall for a while. So much so that Lerato Kganyago felt compelled to speak out and express her worries about the way he’s living his life after she saw him drinking ‘soda’ (it is rumoured that Emtee is a heavy codeine drinker).

When he talked about his son smoking

Emtee promised that his son would only smoke the ‘good tingz’ when he was old enough. While we can accept that parenting techniques differ by the individual, smoking is not exactly a habit we’d condone.


When he began speaking with an American accent

This might have been one of the lighter worries we had about Emtee’s wellbeing, but let’s face facts: it was puzzling on a number of levels!


The numerous times he’s threatened to fight

Violence is not the answer for any situation, which is why we’re always concerned whenever Emtee threatens to fight those who question or anger him. The last thing he needs is a criminal record for battery.


When he showed us his… um… member

To this day we still don’t know how (or why) this happened. Emtee flashed his penis during an Instagram Live stream and he became the talk of the country.

When he “performed” while under the influence

We’ve never been more worried about Emtee than we were when this video surfaced. Plenty of his peers have offered him advice but the only question is: will he take it?

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