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Hope Winters
1 minute read
3 Aug 2018
1:23 pm

Emtee says he’s ‘sober from all narcotics’

Hope Winters

'Don’t try me, don’t compete with me, don’t disrespect me, don’t judge me.'

After making headlines a month ago for “collapsing” on stage, Emtee has returned to the spotlight and claims he’s sober.

The rapper became a topic for tabloid fodder when a video of him falling on stage went viral in July. There was also widespread speculation that Emtee seemed to be intoxicated in the video.

Fans and celebrities called for the rapper to get professional help, but he fiercely denied that he was under the influence.

After the fiasco Emtee took a break from social media, but returned this week to let fans know he was sober.



Emtee revealed that he had been in Bloemfontein for the past month and that he wasn’t going to entertain any negativity.


The reaction to Emtee’s announcement has drawn a mixed response from his fans, some of whom are wishing him well…

…and some who are quite clearly not buying it.

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