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Gopolang Moloko
3 minute read
11 Aug 2018
5:46 am

Kenny Kunene doesn’t believe in girls’ night out. ‘Someone else might provide the sushi’

Gopolang Moloko

The Sushi King says he does not support the idea of ‘girl trips’ because of all the 'predators out there.

Kenny Kunene.

Socialite businessman Kenny Kunene apparently doesn’t believe in women having a girls’ night out, more particularly if they’re married.


The controversial and self-proclaimed “blesser” of his own family made the comment in a radio interview on Kaya FM with Celeste Ntuli on Friday morning.

He was being interviewed to discuss finding love in your 40s.

It rubbed some women up the wrong way, especially as we’re in Women’s Month.

He said there were predators in clubs, and he did not believe in women leaving for Dubai or other destinations under the pretence of girls “going out” for a certain period. His reason was that married women’s friends tend not to respect the sanctity of marriage.

These friends, according to him, are the ones take compromising pictures or videos recording their so-called-friends, only to post or share these pictures for malicious reasons.

The Sushi King said he trusted his young wife, Nonkululeko, however. He said he was always honest in reporting his movements to her as she was against “surprises”.

Admitting that he did not limit his wife’s movements, either, he said he did not believe in “this thing called girls’ night out”, right before Ntuli told him: “Kenny Kunene doesn’t believe in girls’ night out, because someone else might provide the sushi.”

Kunene has described his wife as a blessing in his life. He met her in 2012. He married her last year, when she was 22 and he 46.

In 2016, Kunene said he was changing his ways when it came to women.

He became highly critical of the blesser phenomenon, although he admitted he had once been a big part of it.

He said that it would be better to describe the trend as “pimps and prostitutes”, as what takes place is “the action of a prostitute”.

He explained that he had taken advantage of the fact that his young female targets came from poor backgrounds and were only too happy to be showered with gifts, taken on trips and booked into five-star hotels – in return for sex. Kunene famously told talk show host Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu that he was dating 15 women at the same time.

He said on CheckPoint in 2016, on the topic of sugar daddies and “blessees”: “You are bringing people together on the basis of transactions. That is transactional sex. That [blesser site] must be closed. No black man pays a woman for companionship. They pay for sex.”

He offered an eccentric apology to the country: “I want to apologise to the women I have turned into prostitutes myself. I have used them, given them money, the good life, for one intention only: for them to drop their panties.”

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