Gopolang Moloko
2 minute read
14 Aug 2018
2:40 pm

L’vovo says government neglects artists such as ProKid until they die broke

Gopolang Moloko

The kwaito hit maker says local artists are broke because they are not supported by the government, which splashes money on 'Beyoncé and Drake' instead.

L'vovo Derrango

Kwaito star L’vovo Derrango has accused the government of not supporting local artists while they are still alive.

Derrango took to social media to vent his frustration at the lack of support, responding to a news report that said government intended to help ProKid’s family bury the late hip-hop artist.

Derrango said: “Because when we’re alive government rather gives foreign artists money. Beyonce and Drake don’t need more private jets and mansions. South African media and government hates local artists. We broke because we are not supported at home.”

The kwaito hit maker believes more support for local artists is needed from government.

“If only you guys understood how this thing is so tough. I dont blame people who die broke. It’s tough being on the spotlight – life is expensive. Artists/celebs are ‘expected’ to ‘have it all’ and ‘the best of everything’ kanti akuhambi kanjalo [things aren’t what they seem], lento inzima [this thing is hard].”

L’vovo received negative feedback for his views, with social media users claiming it was not government’s job to help.

Nare Makoeya tweeted government was not even supposed to help. “You celebs think y’all that better give the money to struggling students. Even a security guard saves better than you, while you live large.”

ProKid’s family plans to bury the hip-hop star this weekend. Gauteng arts and culture MEC Faith Mazibuko said the provincial department would provide the family with financial assistance where they might need it.

The MEC said her department was working towards securing the University of Johannesburg’s Soweto campus to host the rapper’s funeral service on Sunday.

ProKid died on Wednesday last week, and his memorial is scheduled to be held on Thursday in Johannesburg.