Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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17 Oct 2019
2:51 pm

Queen Twerk makes history as first SA woman to have her own reality show on MTV

Kaunda Selisho

Her show will air in 43 different countries and premiere on October 28.

Faith 'Queen Twerl' Nketsi makes history as the first woman in South Africa to have her own reality show on MTV Africa | Image: Instagram

Years after filming a pilot for a show that never was, Faith “Queen Twerk” Nketsi will finally get to fulfil her dreams of becoming a reality television star when her new reality show called Have Faith airs on MTV Africa later this month.

Both Nketsi and MTV confirmed the news in separate social media posts of a 15-second promotional clip for the show.

“We are beyond excited to congratulate @FaiithNketsi on making history as the first woman in South Africa to have her own reality show on MTV Africa airing in 43 different countries. Premiering on 28 October 21.30 on @DStv Ch 130. #HaveFaith” tweeted MTV Africa.

This was after Nketsi took to her favourite platform, Instagram, to reveal the show, calling it “the hardest secret to keep”.

In the promo clip posted to her page, she does a brief introduction of herself calling herself a social media influencer and businesswoman before promising to be as open as she possibly can about a life that many were curious about.

The 24-year-old shot to stardom at the tender age of 16 when she was a part of the Protwerkers – a group of five young women who caused a frenzy wherever they performed.

Nketsi was in the group alongside her best friend Kimberly Kholiwe (who will feature on her new reality show) as well as her sister Refiloe ‘Ms Jay’ Nketsi, Samantha Malinga, and Theresa Malinga.

She has since left that career behind having turned her massive social media following into a sustainable side hustle.

“I went into twerking knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I wasn’t gonna twerk forever, my vision was to get into the beauty and salon business which I did and I’m happy,” said Nketsi in a past interview with Trending SA.

Currently sitting on 1.2 million Instagram followers, the social media sensation often regales followers with glimpses into her nights out, her international trips with rappers such as A$AP Rocky and French Montana as well as the various cosmetics procedures she had had to employ to achieve and maintain her looks.

Nkesti has also been named in her fair share of scandals ad headlines as many believe that she owes her lavish lifestyle to more than a large social media following and a life as an influencer.

As such, many will be tuning in for answers about her life when Have Faith airs on October 28 at 9.30pm (CAT) on MTV Africa DStv channel 130.

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