Adriaan Roets
3 minute read
24 Oct 2019
11:45 am

Curro ‘demonic’ artwork: Horned figures are ingrained in SA’s art history

Adriaan Roets

On the surface of the matric pupil’s work there is a celebration of figures that moved SA art forward and cultivated it.

'The Butcher Boys',by Jane Alexander, a seminal anti-apartheid piece in SA. Picture: UCT

If South Africa was more art literate, the video of an upset father berating a matric pupil’s final art project at a Curro School in KwaZulu-Natal would have played out differently this week. The man starts by saying: “My kids have been in this school for many years. I love this school. I love the teachers. But today is my child’s last school day and I’m so upset – I’m not emotional, I’m upset. "I walked into the school hall and there’s artwork being displayed from the matrics ... and it broke my heart ... because it felt like we...