Adriaan Roets
3 minute read
22 Nov 2019
1:35 pm

Get festive with ‘Nailed It! Holiday’ where failure is celebrated

Adriaan Roets

Heading into the festive season, this is the sort of programming you need.

Nailed It! Holiday. Picture: Netflix

It’s not your grandma’s baking show. In fact, it’s not really a baking show at all. Nailed It! on Netflix has become a cult phenomenon thanks to its incredible humanity – because for once you are allowed to laugh at failures without malice. In life we are programmed to see failures not as means to growth, but rather shortcomings. And when you fall short, laughter directed at you comes with a sense of shame – because you didn’t measure up. You weren’t good enough. Nailed It!, which started streaming last year on Netflix, provided the perfect antithesis. It’s a reality...