Thami Kwazi
Lifestyle Print Editor
3 minute read
28 Nov 2019
5:03 pm

Engineer and life coach shares his secret to success

Thami Kwazi

Would you take life advice from someone who was a metallurgical engineer by profession?

Jamal Sahib. Picture: Supplied

You’d probably say no without a moment’s hesitation, right? Well, you’ll want to reconsider your response after hearing what business coach, entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jamal Sahib has to say in his new book about finding happiness, a fulfilling relationship, or growing your business. A former corporate high-flyer, entrepreneur and something of an idealist who will be the first to tell you how he also used to be a petrol head, is somewhat hard to categorise. And so, The Citizen tracks him down to find out what inspired him to write Start with the End in Mind and what readers...