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16 Mar 2020
9:23 am

Kat and Candice humiliate Lelo this week on ‘Skeem Saam’

Citizen Reporter

Here's what to expect on 'Skeem Saam' this week.

Picture: Skeem Saam's Facebook page

Monday 16 March

Rachel realises that having a job and running a household isn’t as easy as it seems. Lehasa makes a shocking discovery about his “investigation”. Noah enthralls the entire class and one special girl.

Tuesday 17 March

Rachel’s medical career is threatened before it even takes off. Noah is surprised when Turf’s renowned poet questions him about an original piece. Fanie discovers some interesting info about Lehasa’s investigators.

Wednesday 18 March

Marothi is shocked to hear of Rachel’s new work arrangement and tries to put his foot down. Lelo has a ridiculous demand for Lehasa regarding the nut factory. Sthoko stands up for herself to a newfound bully at work.

Thursday 19 March

Kat and Candice humiliate Lelo. Elizabeth unintentionally steps on Rachel’s toes regarding her profession. Emma confuses Koloi and Noah.

Friday 20 March

A frustrated stepmother makes demands on her husband. Mamashela is pleasantly surprised by who she thought was an enemy. Emma blows hot and cold, leaving Noah thoroughly confused.

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