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24 Aug 2020
1:45 pm

‘If he’s guilty, I’ll leave’ – Mome Mahlangu

Kaunda Selisho

Mome made the statement during an online session addressing fans' concerns about the media storm surrounding her husband.

Retired comedian Mongezi “Tol A$$ Mo” Ngcobondwane and his wife Mome Mahlangu | Picture: Instagram

Following her posts and comments on social media at the weekend, Mome Mahlangu, wife of retired comedian Mongezi “Tol A$$ Mo” Ngcobondwane has been subject to much criticism from the public.

This after she posted, and then altered, a statement on social media in support of her husband.

In her post, she referred to the public as the “kangaroo court” before adding: “I’m not sure why I’m being bullied cause yes I will support my husband until he is proven guilty, not by Twitter.”

In her initial statement, Mome revealed that this is the third time someone has taken her husband to court in the span of three years. It is unclear what the other legal matters were about.


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A happy Sunday fellow South Africans .kindly pass this to the kangaroo court …. I remember saying this in July ,we will not participate in kangaroo court but the real Court as these Allegations are not to be taken lightly and as a woman myself I’m disturbed and I have taken jabs from the kangaroo court as they Are the investigators… moving swiftly along I’m not sure why I’m being bullied cause yes I will support my husband until he is proven guilty not by Twitter. In simple form I’m a woman too and I’m in this situation too and I will remain in his support , I will not be crucified to make decisions on something that’s in court , I will remain with my vowed till feather notice . I will not block comments and I will take all the jabs thrown at me . We are that society ! That’s basically what I was saying! Keep the comments and hashtag coming … ???????? Thank u for those who have had a mature eye with this … our children are home schooling and well taken care of at home as being in public is currently dangerous for us and especially @keithrsa , my family and my father in-laws family and our close friends have been with us ????????❤️ #MoAndMome #M&Mlove&Heritage #Momewellness #Wellnesswithmome #mahlanguville

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She further took the time out to respond to comments from her followers where she stated that she would leave Mahlangu if he were to be found guilty in a court of law.

Mome Mahlangu responding to followers | Image: Instagram

In another comment, she simply responded “please do” to another Instagram user who publicly declared their support for Lerato Moloi.

Mome Mahlangu responding to followers | Image: Instagram

BET Africa cans Tol A$$ Mo’s episode of Behind The Story 

After a weekend of endless tweets from concerned Twitter users, BET has decided not to air Pearl Thusi’s recent interview with Tol Ass Mo for the upcoming season of her show Behind The Story.

“BET Africa confirms that the Tol Ass Mo and Mome interview from the upcoming new season of Behind the Story with Pearl Thusi will not be aired on the channel out of respect for the current environment, legal proceedings and the basis of impartiality,” tweeted the channel on Sunday.

This after Thusi caused an uproar when she posted a tweet during the week calling for viewers to submit their questions for the comedian.

“Please send @BET_Africa any questions or any comments for Khanyi Mbau & Tolass Mo/Mome!!! Please send before 12.30pm!!! #BehindTheStoryBET,” tweeted Thusi.

She later posted and deleted a promo clip exclaiming how excited she was to sit down and interview Mo and his wife, Mome.

Both Thusi and the channel were immediately questioned over their decision to feature the comedian given the current status of his on-going legal battle with model Lerato Moloi.

Moloi was served with a court order earlier this year to remove a tweet detailing her alleged #MeToo experience after one of the three men she named, comedian Mongezi “Tol A$$ Mo” Ngcobondwane took legal action against her.

The court order obtained by Ngcobondwane in the Vereeniging Magistrate’s Court dictated that the tweet was to be removed 24 hours after the order was handed down.

Moloi refused to comply and was therefore found to be in contempt of court.

In an initial statement to The Citizen, BET Africa said that it and Behind The Story “support the ongoing fight against GBV and we are consistently creating content and using our platforms to amplify and support a positive and urgent change in attitudes and behaviour towards gender-based violence”.

“There is an immediate need to drive and champion education of this crucial societal issue.

“We confirm that Tol Ass Mo was recently interviewed for an upcoming season of Behind The Story with host Pearl Thusi. We are equally concerned about the seriousness of this matter, the nature of the allegations and respect the sensitivities. We continue to engage with all parties concerned in relation to the interview.”

It was later revealed by both Thusi and former actress turned producer and activist Rosie Motene that the channel had also reached out to Moloi in an effort to get her to speak on the matter.

Motene had been in contact with the channel on behalf of Moloi in order to convince the channel to not go forward with the interview.

The channel was further accused of looking to retraumatise Moloi by interviewing her simply for entertainment value.

Thusi was also raked over the coals once again when she seemingly tweeted statements in defence of her actions, even going as far as to compare herself to American journalist Gayle King, who previously interviewed R Kelly at the height of his court battle after various allegations of sexual misconduct and assault were levelled against him.

Pearl Thusi’s comments on the Tol Ass Mo backlash | Image: Twitter

Pearl Thusi’s comments on the Tol Ass Mo backlash | Image: Twitter

Thusi has since deleted the tweets and locked her Twitter account.

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