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4 Dec 2020
4:39 pm

Gavin Watson ‘was a coward’ – Debbie Agrizzi

Kaunda Selisho

This after she was asked if she believes that he is really dead.

Debbie Agrizzi | Image: Screenshot (Zoom)

There seems to have been no love lost between former Bosasa CEO, Gavin Watson and the wife of former Bosasa COO turned whistleblower Angelo Agrizzi.

Speaking during a Q&A session with the co-author of ‘Inside the Belly of the Beast – The Real Bosasa Story’ with book publisher, Melinda Ferguson, Debbie Agrizzi shared her thoughts on everything from Gavin Watson and the circumstances surrounding his death to her husband’s health issues.

Regarding Gavin Watson, Debbie had nothing nice to say after years of experiencing life at the mercy of his whims.

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“That man thought he could buy anything with money. Things and people…” said Debbie.

According to Mrs. Agrizzi, despite working with her husband for years, Watson was never personable with him or her family.

“He was never someone that came to our house, he would pop in on one occasion or two occasions but it was something that just… ‘I need something from you Angelo.’ He was never someone that actually cared about how you felt. He would rather make you feel like you were the best. It was a manipulation,” said Debbie.

During a section of the discussion where Ferguson took questions from viewers, Debbie was asked about her thoughts regarding the circumstances of Watson’s death.

Mrs. Agrizzi responded: “that is quite a question. Yes, I do think he’s dead… I honestly think he took himself out. That’s just my opinion… He was a coward.”

According to Debbie, it had taken her husband a while to come to the realisation that Watson did not care about him before recounting the day that she believes he came to this realisation.

It happened on the day the couple found out that Watson had tried to claim the funds from Agrizzi’s life insurance policy after he momentarily coded on the operating table back in 2017 while trying to have a tumour near his heart removed.

Watson tried to process this claim without Agrizzi’s knowledge and it was Agrizzi’s doctor hat informed Debbie about the attempt to claim.

“This was a man that told Angelo, ‘oh, you’re my right-hand man.’ Everything was the praise, the praise, the praise but behind your back, he was someone that really didn’t care about you. There was no love lost between me and Gavin.”

It was after this time that Debbie says her husband began to re-evaluate everything about his life and decided to blow the lid on Watson’s illegal practices which led to a series of investigations and later, the need for Agrizzi to testify at the State Capture Commission.

It was during the height of his notoriety in the media that Debbie suggested to her husband to tell his side of the story in the form of a book.

Speaking on her husband’s motives for telling the truth, Debbie insists that he was just trying to do the right thing and says that although it has been a trying and difficult time, they would do it all over again.

This despite the stress of initially not knowing much about the progress of her husband’s case, his arrests and his most recent hospital stay.

Debbie alleges that both she and her husband’s lawyers were kept in the dark by the state after her husband was denied bail and added that she found out most things through the media.

She is of the belief that someone did try to end her husband’s life due to the various circumstances under which he was kept and treated, citing instances like when he had his oxygen machine taken and replaced with another one or when someone tried to enter his cell while he was sleeping during the brief time he was detained in a holding cell.

She also cited a conversation with one of her husband’s doctors at a private hospital that he was later moved to who told her that there were ways and means that someone could “give him something” without it being able to later be picked up on a blood test.

According to Debbie, all this hardship has put a fire in her husband’s belly and nothing is going to keep him quiet.

She promised that there will be another book written and published by either herself or her husband in the future.

Watch the full discussion below:

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