Adriaan Roets
1 minute read
18 Nov 2014
5:44 pm

Big Brother’s Feza goes back into the house

Adriaan Roets

For Big Brother Africa’s die-hard fans Day 43 on November 17 has been a treat when ex-housemates returned, as part of a brank by Big Brother to rile up the current remaining housemates.

Image credit: DSTV

In a blog post on the Big Brother Africa: Hotshots website the show’s behind-the-camera team said, “The Hotshots were getting complacent and there was not enough drama, but this twist is sure to add a whole new dimension to the word drama. Will the Hotshots wilt or will they step up and prove to Africa that they are worthy of the title: Big Brother Hotshots.”

With the exes in the house, Feza Kezzy, from Big Brother The Chase made a the biggest splash, even trending on Twitter on November 18.

In The Chase, Kezzy from Tanzania become well known for her brothermance and eventual marriage to then fellow housemate Oneal.

Kezzy comes from the same home town as current Tanzania housemate Idris. She advised him to be calmer in the house during her time back in front of the camera. She said she was going to ‘bring him back down to earth’ during her re-entrance into the house.

Showing of her more maternal side Fezzy spoke to Idris and Goitse in the house as well. She said the two housemates who often seem to be at loggerheads could potentially work out together in a relationship, as they were “opposites that could easily attract”.

She advised the two to try to meet somewhere and develop an understanding of each other. She also told Goitse that she reckoned she was a good woman with a good heart.

The reality starlet also admitted she is forever humbled by her experience in BBA: The Chase as it has  helped her music career, exposing her to a bigger audience, before Big Brother revealed the éxes’ re-entrance was a hoax.