Adriaan Roets
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12 Dec 2014
11:31 am

Endings and beginnings for Crwys-Williams and Cowen

Adriaan Roets

The South African radio landscape is changing today.

Sam Cowen and Jenny Crwys-Williams. Picture: Courtesy of Twitter.

Gauteng’s 94.7 is losing Sam Cowen, the radio blond who’s brainy funnies bounced so well off the soundproofed walls with the likes of Darren “Wackhead”

Simpson and Jeremy Mansfield on the station’s breakfast show.

She has been with the show for 18 years, setting the record as the longest-serving female co-anchor on a morning radio show in South Africa.

While Cowen says her goodbyes to the morning show, 702 Talk Radio is saying adios to the legendary Jenny Crwys-Williams.

Crwys-Williams is considered a lifestyle guru in South Africa, and her popular afternoon show has over the years become a mainstay for 702.

She announced her departure in October, and it was already established back then that Cowen would take over the timeslot for a similar lifestyle-based show in Crwys-Williams’ place.

Over the years Crwys-Williams established herself as a dedicated promoter of literature in South Africa, with her etiquette and grace serving her well as she promoted art, books and travel on 702 for 22 years.

Crwys-Williams has established herself as a strong interviewer, and has chatted to the likes of Bill Clinton, FW de Klerk, Meryl Streep, Malcolm Gladwell,

Ruby Wax, Annie Lennox, Helen Mirren and Oprah. An impressive feat, and certainly big shoes for Cowen to fill.

Released of her daily responsibilities, Crwys-Williams will continue to host a weekly book show along with her private book club and literary events.

Among these are Bloody Book Week, which is the country’s first ever crime book festival. She’s a prolific author herself and has written and compiled 11 books.

Cowen starts in Crys-Williams’ timeslot in the New Year.

To listen to Cowen’s tearful goodbye:

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