Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
3 minute read
28 Mar 2022
12:37 pm

Silwerskermfees winners prove South Africa is red carpet ready

Renate Engelbrecht

KykNET's 10th Silwerskermfees award winners was announced this past weekend, proving that South Africa is ready to take on the world.

Paul du Toit at the 'Silwerskermfees'. Image: Renate Engelbrecht

Actors, media and industry leaders were all happy to be back on the blue carpet at The Bay Hotel, celebrating the arts with films and popcorn galore between 23 and 26 March and finally ending off on a high note with the official Silwerskermfees Awards on Saturday evening.

Short films, feature films and panel discussions were at the order of the day at the festival, coupled with views across Camps Bay and Blaauwklippen wines that never seemed to run empty.

The winners of the Silwerskermfees Awards prove that South Africa and its arts are ready to take on the world when it comes to the art of film, with the feature film, Gaia taking home the most awards.

In this feature film, an injured forest ranger on a routine mission is saved by two off-the-grid survivalists, but his gratitude turns into suspicion and fear when the son and his renegade father start revealing their occultic devotion to the forest.

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KykNET’s 10th Silwerskermfees award winners include:

Best male co-actor: Albert Pretorius for his role in Stiekyt

Best female co-actor: June van Merch for her role in Barakat

Best script: The feature film, Barakat

Best ensemble: The short film, Skyn

Best existing work: Ekstasis

Audience favourite: The short film, Leemtes en Leegheid

Best director, short film: D.W. Smith (Diana Mills Smith) for the short film, My Beskermer

Best actor, short film: Marlo Minnaar for Aan/Af

Best actress, short film: Carla Smith for her role in Skyn

Best short film: Leemtes en Leegheid. This film will also be screened at the Berlinale Co-Production Visitors Market that takes place in Berlin next year.

Special nomination: My Beskermer

Best director, feature film: Jaco Bouwer, Gaia

Best actor, feature film: Paul du Toit for Stiekyt

Best actress, feature film: Vinette Ebrahim for Barakat

Best feature film: Gaia

There were also technical awards at the festival, including:

Best original music for a short film: Ryno Posthumus for Bennie Bingo

Best production design, short film: Baber

Best short film director: Regardt Visser for Die Horries

Best cinematography, short film: Justin Youens for Baber

Best script, short film: Jordy Sank and Terence Makapan for Leemtes en Leegheid

Best original music, feature film: Kyle Shepherd for Barakat

Best costume design: Ayesha Khatieb for Barakat

Best makeup and hair styling: Sulani Saayman for Gaia

Best production design: Sumaya Wicomb for Barakat

Best sound engineering, feature film: Tim Pringle for Gaia

Best cinematography, feature film: Eduan Kitching for Stiekyt

Best director, feature film: Leon Visser for Gaia