Vhahangwele Nemakonde
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6 Jul 2015
1:25 pm

Religious Our Perfect Wedding an absolute hit (gallery)

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

As usual, Our Perfect Wedding was trending on Sunday night. We take a look at what made this wedding perfect, or not.

Mandleni and Slondile's wedding. Picture: OPW website

If you remember last week’s episode, the aunt of the bride did everything for her. Last night’s episode was no different; this time, it was mamfundisi (pastor’s wife) who was the wedding planner.

Let’s start off with how Mandleni, 31, and Slondile, 29, met. There are some churches that do not allow dating among their church members; if a guy likes a lady, he approaches her through the church pastor instead.

The pastor then arranges for the two to meet and talk in his presence. If the lady agrees to be the guy’s significant other, we say they’re dating right? Wrong, these churches prefer to use the word ‘courting’ because ‘dating’ is associated with worldly behaviour.

With courting, the two are never allowed to be in the presence of each other without a third person.

Now, back to mamfundisi, she planned the whole wedding, she even chose the maid of honour. I will not comment on this, the bride was happy, that’s all that matters right?

Her criteria for choosing the bridesmaids: they must all be yellow bones. Well, if one of my sisters or friends decide to play the yellow bone card as the criteria, well, I have news for you: no yellow bone formed against me shall prosper, I will be your bridesmaid.

Honestly, the wedding was beautiful, it was well-planned, the outfits were beautiful and the decor was amazing; this was a perfect wedding.

Now, let’s get to that part that always catches my people off guard. Most couples hold hands and kiss before the wedding but still can’t brave through the ‘you may kiss the bride’ part. Now imagine what it was like for a couple who had never been in the presence of each other without a third person.

The pastor was really pushing it when he told the groom to kiss his bride, I mean, did he really have to do that? Well, yes, that is one of the things that make up the wedding day. We will forgive the couple for an ugly wedding dress and decor, it will haunt her memory of her wedding day, not us.

But, if the food is not on point, it defeats the whole purpose, we will never forgive the couple for that, and the kissing of the bride part is just for our amusement, it must happen.

The poor groom decided to go for a hug, but the pastor threatened to not proceed with the wedding if he didn’t kiss her, so yes, it happened.

If mamfundisi’s goal was to market her decor and catering company, she succeeded, at least on my side, mamfundisi will plan my wedding, for free if possible, auntie?

Of course, Twitter had something to say:

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