Vhahangwele Nemakonde
Digital Journalist
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5 Oct 2015
11:16 am

Fashion extravaganza on Our Perfect Wedding

Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Sunday night's episode of Our Perfect Wedding, we met Mothusi Seremo, 29, and his bride Thato Tau, 26.

Mothusi and Thato. Picture: OPWMzansi

The couple are from Soshanguve, Pretoria. Mothusi used to see Thato walk past his place with her dog, the one thing that kept him from talking to her; he’s afraid of dogs. One day Thato left her dog behind when she went for her usual walks and Mothusi saw the opportunity to approach her.

He said he was walking with another lady who was not pleased that Mothusi was chasing after Thato, she apparently caused drama. But then, I don’t understand why she caused drama, were they together at the time? If not, why the drama?

Anyway, it seems all these guys who buy expensive gifts have been doing it wrong, Mothusi managed to save up R250, bought buns and juice and took Thato to a park. Thato said she thought it was romantic, but then added Mothusi was her first boyfriend so she didn’t know any better. He got the girl, that’s all that matters.

Coming to the proposal, Thato said she wasn’t aware her man was proposing to her when he simply just told her he wanted to send delegates to her home. It later occurred to her he was proposing, much to her excitement. Mothusi said he wasn’t into the whole thing of getting down on one knee with a ring, like I said; he got the girl.

Coming to the wedding:

Mothusi made some very interesting points when discussing how he came to pick his outfit for the wedding. He said he didn’t want to wear traditional attire because they are all the same and he didn’t want to look like the rest of the grooms. Well, it’s a traditional attire, the only way it will look different is by designing it and incorporating traditional colours.

He then said he was too young for that. Wait, he was too young to wear his traditional attire but not the Scottish one? I mean, he tried to explain his origins but ended up in Namibia, do I need a history lesson? He should have just said he likes the Scottish culture without criticising his own.

I didn’t like his suit by the way. I guess Lerato inspired the couple; Mothusi on the suit and Thato on the cleavage.

I liked Mothusi’s sister, she understood she was there to support her brother on his wedding, not dictate what he should or shouldn’t do, big ups to that big sis. Thato’s sister, however, couldn’t hold her laughter when Mothusi walked out of the dressing room with a kilt on, she laughed so hard it annoyed Mothusi, she even suggested he puts on earrings.

The bridesmaid dresses were the simplest I’ve seen by and they were also beautiful. The cake was very beautiful. There was not much going on but it came together well. I mean, how could it not when the baker did not spare his mind when it came to presentation. I’m glad he came through for them, it would have been embarrassing to have made such a noise about perfection and not deliver. Kudos to the baker, it was simply beautiful.

The wedding dress was beautiful. Thato said she wanted a dress that would suit her body well, it did. But, that cleavage? Are there levels of cleavages? If there are, hers was the last. It was too much, she even felt uncomfortable at times, trying to pull her gown up, at least she had her jacket on.

Mothusi didn’t kiss his bride. He said: “Imagine kissing her in front of her parents”, I mean it’s not like they’ve had kids or kissed before.

Coming to the speakers, Thato’s father said: “Don’t come back because he beats you. If your in-laws practise witchcraft you must join them”.

In other words, don’t even think of coming back no matter how bad the situation is, I mean, it’s just witchcraft right? What’s the worst that could happen?

I thought this was a perfect wedding.

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