Leon van Nierop
1 minute read
10 Oct 2015
11:00 am

American Ultra movie review

Leon van Nierop

American Ultra is one of those ultra-cool movies designed for youngsters or young adults who still feel that teenager deep inside them.

SPY DUO. Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart. Picture: Supplied

Or it could appeal to you if you simply want to take in an average movie that doesn’t require too much from the viewer. The story is quite original and offers at least more than a simple plot one-liner, hence the third star of the three-star rating. Jesse Eisenberg is the ultimate nerd, but apparently a dangerous one who is actually an American government agent up for extermination.

When the right word is given to him in code form, it ignites something in him. He turns from an ordinary dope head into a secret agent. But he has become too dangerous to keep on and another agent, the steadfast and ever reliable Connie Britton, awakens the hero in him. But how long before he’s killed?


His girlfriend in the movie is Kristen Stewart. Yes, she from the bland Twilight series, who seems to be walking in her sleep in whichever movie she is. But she has a bit more energy, zest and attitude in this role that requires more from her than simply to stare ahead with that blank, self-conscious expression that seems to be a Twilight trademark.

The film is quite hip and even funny. There are some cruel jokes and dark, unorthodox humour, but it is the chemistry between Eisenberg and Stewart that drives the movie forward and the strange situations they land in.

American Ultra is a movie that you take in with a cold drink and popcorn, if you can get into Sandton through the current gridlock – but not if you have to take public transport. I wouldn’t go through all that effort for it.