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23 Jun 2016
2:31 pm

iFani’s Sushi Dip gets a movie sync deal

Citizen Reporter

The rapper also got a new haircut (finally) to celebrate his success and new-found outlook on life.

DETERMINED. Ifani wants to inspire people to keep reaching for their dreams, no matter how crazy they may seem. Picture: Gallo Images

Rapper iFani took to Twitter on Thursday to share with fans that his summer single Sushi Dip got a movie sync deal and that he was on set working on the movie. He tweeted:

But before sharing this, the rapper spoke about starting a new chapter in his life and to him, that meant letting go of the past and apologising for his behaviour during a public feud with Sony two years ago.

In a series of tweets, iFani says he was happy when he got signed by the label, but somehow got sad when people started recognising him, confessing that he was a lost child then.

“I was mad trying to get them to change so I could be happy, little did I know it was me who had to change before my world could change,” he tweeted. It was after the public feud that he realised blame only destroyed the person blaming and not the blamed.

iFani says he learnt a lot from his past mistakes and that he became a happier person the day he made a conscious decision to let go of negativity and started embracing life. We wish you all the best iFani on your new-found happiness.

To celebrate his new outlook in life, iFani also had a haircut and we must say, if only he had done it sooner.

Here are some of his tweets that might help someone out there who is feeling a bit out of space:

“U r worthy. U deserve all that this world can offer But u think u r not U think u need to work hard to increase your worth. U think u small.”

“The poor is not less than you. The rich is not more than you. We are equal is every way. But our beliefs make us think otherwise.”

“Dont blame yourself for not makin your dreams come true yet. They haven’t come true because u blame yourself. It’s not your fault.”

And his apology to Sony: