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15 Jul 2016
8:24 am

Maps Maponyane confirms relationship with Nomzamo

Citizen Reporter

After years of keeping us guessing, Maps has finally confirmed that Mbatha is actually his girl.

Maps and Nomzamo. Picture: Instagram

Maps Maponyane and Nomzamo Mbatha’s relationship has been the talk of the century, mostly because the two never confirmed nor denied it, always referring to each other as “buddy” on social media.

We sort of suspected they had been a thing, but that’s all we had, suspicions. Well, not any more, as Maps finally confirmed the relationship in an interview with DJ Sbu on Vuma FM yesterday.

Sbu had to ask about the relationship because he knew that’s what everyone was expecting to hear. Asked if Mbatha makes him happy, he responded with “100%”, also emphasising that the two were bests of friends.

“We have a super supportive relationship where we’re both hustling and pushing and setting things up‚ and we’re literally best friends,” he said.

Maps said he did not see any problem calling his girlfriend “buddy” because they actually are best friends who support each other and share too much information sometimes, according to a birthday message he once wrote for her. Remember this from Instagram?

“Two years ago today we met and we hit it off, we hit it off really well. We’ve listened to challenged each other, we’ve learned a lot from each other, we’ve left each other in stitches, we’ve shared a bit too much information with each other, we’ve consoled each other, we’ve annoyed the crap out of each other, we’ve cheered and we’ve jeered each other; either way we’ve been there for each other, and ‘each’ moment wouldn’t be as memorable without the ‘other’. Thank You Buddy.”

The couple is now in Rome attending the RomAfrica Film Festival which is taking place at the Casa del Cinema. They are promoting their film Tell Me Sweet Something, which tells the story of an aspiring writer who owns and runs a bookstore in Johannesburg. The bookstore, like the protaganist’s love life, is not experiencing much success. However, this all changes when she meets and falls in love with the unlikeliest candidate in the world, Nat, a male model.

At least they relate to their characters in real life too. The couple have been sharing snaps of each other, with Maps calling her his Woman Crush Everyday on her birthday on Wednesday.