Tshepiso Makhele
2 minute read
15 Jul 2016
5:03 pm

Black Coffee pours his heart out

Tshepiso Makhele

'I felt emotionally and physically drained....enslaved by my own dreams at my own will.'

DJ Black Coffee. Picture: Gallo Images

Missing his wife and kids, and feeling extremely exhausted, DJ Black Coffee took to social media to pour his heart out to those who are willing to read his lengthy post.

“I miss Home. Traveling the world on tour looks like the most coolest job ever…the Job it’s self is such a Blessing doing what I love with all my Soul for a living….but the traveling hours, the fatigue, lack of sleep, lack of good diet and exhaustion got the best of me this week,” he jotted down on Instagram. “This week has been the hardest for me,” he added.

The popular DJ went on to explain the events of the week that left him fatigued. “At some point I even lost my passport and Thanks to my team and my friends @djdamike and @angelodj they got it to me on time,” he wrote. “I felt emotionally and physically drained….enslaved by my own dreams at my own will….I didn’t know where exactly I was and what time it was due to lack of sleep….I literally shut down and had to sit and do nothing for a while to get it all together,” he explained.

Black Coffee continued to state how he felt and how hard being an artist was. “The Picture is Bigger and it is to change the Story of my Father and all the other Fathers like him. It is to reverse the Cycle…change the South African Music industry Story….The Story is not mine. It is not for me…it is for the World….This Journey is not easy but it is the Journey to Greatness so I will pick myself up and Go On,” he wrote.

The multi-award winning DJ is not the first celebrity to explain how challenging being a musician is – popular hip-hop musician Cassper Nyovest also once took to social media to share his fair share of heartache.