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22 Jul 2016
12:57 pm

Many dark things happen at matric dances – Dineo

Citizen Reporter

The reality TV star was criticised for her 'education first' tweet.

Dineo Ranaka. Picture: Supplied

Social media platform Twitter was, as they say, lit, with ‘tweeps’ attacking VUZU TV reality star Dineo Ranaka for her response to a request from fan @Miss_Mnisi.

The fan, who tweeted Ranaka asking for a matric dance dress to be sponsored, was hit with a blunt, unapologetic opinion from Ranaka. The reality star, who firmly stood her ground, made reference to the importance of getting a solid education and focusing on getting past matric.

Her tweet, which read: “A matric dance should be the VERY least of your stresses. The aim is not to look rich but to be rich,” was not well-received by fans and fellow Twitter users.  Ranaka’s tweet was met by backlash from fellow celebrities, and saw Ranaka trending well into the early hours of Friday morning.

In the meantime, organisations, such as the University of Johannesburg’s SRC, stepped in to lend a helping hand to the young Mnisi after the trending hashtag #MatricDanceforMissMnisi went viral.

“There are many dark things that happen at matric dances, and yes, I have been one of the supporters for the dance. However, that was before I had sat down with parents who have expressed their concerns regarding the matter,” said Ranaka.

Further cementing her opinions on the matter, the former radio presenter said: “Many parents feel pressure from their kids to look amazing for one night, which will no guarantee them a bright future. By no means am I disregarding the need to celebrate being in matric, but can we not celebrate after we have worked hard and obtained matric certificates? Wouldn’t that make better sense to play dress up for a reason? I stand as a parent and a young person who is conscious about the education system of the country, the aim is to be rich and not look rich #EducationForward.”

Ranaka expressed her confusion as to why her opinion was not being respected. “To those who have stepped in to lend a hand, I applauded you. I, however, have chosen to fight the course for a South Africa which not only looks good but is smart enough to start up world leading companies and put SA on the map.”