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27 Jul 2016
12:02 pm

My biggest mistake was dating a Kim Kardashian – Euphonik

Citizen Reporter

The DJ says though he is tired of having to explain himself, he cannot erase that part of his life as it's part of his history.

Euphonik at the Ultra Music Festival 2015 on February 13, 2015. (Photo by Gallo Images / Ziyaad Douglas)

Themba “Euphonik” Nkosi on Wednesday said on Cliff Central that he was tired of constantly justifying how he feels about someone he does not feel anything for.

In an interview with Gareth Cliff, Euphonik implied he missed the old days when he could say anything about anything without Twitter saying he was talking about his ex-girlfriend Bonang Matheba.

He says “black Twitter” has reached a state where people go there to get upset, hence he does not tweet as much as he used to. “Keep quiet or open your mouth and explain yourself,” he said.

In a recent “attack”, Euphonik says his friend Lerato Kganyago tweeted that she was off to a photoshoot, he responded and asked: “Is this another slay that’s going to equate to nothing or is this going to add to your bottom line?”, a response that got him in trouble for using the word “slay” because it is apparently associated with his ex-girlfriend.

The DJ says though he is tired of having to explain himself, he cannot erase that part of his life as it’s part of his history.

“I don’t hate her, we had our time, it was great when we were together, would I go back there? No. Am I bitter? No.” He says though they had some good times together, he would never go back.

“My biggest mistake was dating a Kim Kardashian,” he says, with Gareth adding that Euphonik was not a Kanye West.

The two might have had one of the most public breakups ever in Mzansi, but Euphonik says should he bump into her at a party, things between them would not be awkward because they don’t talk anymore.

He says they have both moved on, with Bonang dating AKA and him having a girlfriend he did not reveal much about. What we know is that they have been together for at least two years and she does not seek media attention.