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12 Aug 2016
12:47 pm

WATCH: Minnie buys her mom a brand-new BMW

Citizen Reporter

Minnie has officially won Twitter today, with most wishing they could do the same for their parents.

Minnie Dlamini. Photo: Francois Heydenrych Photography

TV presenter and model Minenhle Dlamini won over Twitter on Friday after sharing a video of herself presenting her mom with a brand-new car. In the video, Minnie’s mom can be seen walking out of the house, seeing the car and congratulating her daughter on the new ride, not knowing it was hers. When Minnie told her mother the car was hers, she could not believe it. Watch her reaction in the video below:

BEST DAY EVER ❤️😊 Bought a car for my parents 🎉😍

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