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17 Aug 2016
9:45 am

This is what AKA spends 9K on monthly

Citizen Reporter

We might not know all AKA's monthly instalments, but at least we know what he spends R9 000 on every month.

AKA’s 'One Time' music video launch. Picture: Supplied

It is clear Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes has a taste for the good things in life, which come at a price, of course – it is no wonder he charges 90K for a single gig. His girlfriend, Bonang Matheba, also loves the finer things in life, and we can tell from the expensive gifts they buy for each other and the cars they own – AKA drives a BMW and Bonang an AMG.

AKA has previously shared on Twitter that his car cost at least R2 million. What we didn’t know was how he had been paying for it. What we do know, however, is how much he pays for his insurance. The SuperMega went on Twitter on Tuesday to share that he spends R9 000 on the insurance alone.

He tweeted:

On Friday, the SupaMega followed in Minnie Dlamini’s steps and bought his mother a car. He took to Instagram to shared a picture of the new BMW he bought her as a Women’s Month present.

Watch the video: