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16 Aug 2016
10:52 am

Khanyi Mbau hits back at criticism of ‘horrible’ lyrics

Citizen Reporter

'You wanna take me to London; all you want is the bum-bum,' are some of the lyrics in her new song, 'Shake'.

Khanyi Mbau drops her new single. Picture: Twitter

Not long before Mabala Noise revealed Khanyi Mbau as one of the many artists that were signed by the company, the singer released a new single, Shake.

Last week she received positive comments on Twitter after only releasing a 14 second long clip of the single, which features the lyrics: “You wanna take me to London; all you want is the bum-bum.”

Listen to the clip:

One Twitter user thought it would be wise to criticise the lyrics of the song and tweeted at Mbau, who did not take the negative comment lying down. The user tweeted: “The lyrics of Khanyi Mbau’s ‘shake’ are horrible what is this?” to which she responded: “Let’s close this country!! Chill left long ago.. konje how many songs have [you] written love? I’m sorry u are?”

When a fan asked her why she responds to the negative comments, Mbau told them she responds to everyone.

Anyway, Khanyi is not letting haters bring her down, as she recently announced on Facebook that she was running The Shake Challenge, in which fans are requested to share their version of the dance to stand a chance to win an iPhone.

“The group must be a group of 4 , 6 or 8 each of them must be In Possession of the song downloaded from iTunes. The best version of The shake group challenge will win.

“Individual dancers are allowed to post too!! Remember you must use the following hashtags to make it valid ‪#‎KhanyiMbauShake‬ and‪#‎ShakeChallenge‬ Mabala Noise LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN iPHONES OUT FOR GRABS!

Here is the first contestant. Your thoughts?

Khanyi Mbau is Mzansi’s official hustler, venturing into anything she can put her hands on. She has done it all: radio presenting, acting and TV presenting.

After several attempts at a music career, Shake promises to be the single that will put Mbau’s music career on the map, as she recently announced it was already number 7 on iTunes.