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20 Aug 2016
11:25 am

Minnie Dlamini on becoming a millionaire at 20 – I lost all of it

Citizen Reporter

Minnie Dlamini has openly spoken out about earning a million rand only to lose all of it at age 20.

Minnie Dlamini. Photo: Francois Heydenrych Photography

The TV presenter has learnt her lesson when it comes to managing money.

She told talk show host Anele Mdoda about how she started off in the industry, at first struggling to keep up with the industry and eventually getting to a point where she had earned her first million at 20.

“One minute I had a million rand in my account the next moment I had none.”

But Minnie’s story isn’t a typical rags to riches one, for one she comes from a well off family who taught her the responsibility of money. Despite her dad losing his job at one point, the Dlaminis picked themselves up and all was well again.

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So one would figure that Minnie would be more responsible with cash – so when she made a million rand at 20, she surprisingly told Anele: “One minute I had a million rand in my account the next moment I had none.”

Minnie has clearly become more responsible with her money. At one point she told a seminar arranged by a prominent bank she owned four cars all paid off while she often flaunted her designer threads and overseas holidays on social media.

These days, the starlet has become more wiser, she doesn’t own as many cars and has become more frugal. She also recently gifted her mother with a BMW just in time for women’s month showing that she has become financially stable again.

See the episode where she opened up about managing her finances with Anele below.