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21 Aug 2016
4:17 pm

What Loyiso Gola had to say about Limpopo and witchcraft

Citizen Reporter

The comedian went from talking about Semenya to Limpopo and its witches, and received a backlash from his followers.

Loyiso Gola. Image Courtesy: Facebook

Loyiso Gola ended up on the wrong side of “Black Twitter” on Sunday afternoon after tweeps read what he had to say about Limpopo and witchcraft.

Taking to Twitter just before 3am, Gola tweeted about how well Caster Semenya represented South Africa, saying she had inspired him.

Not only did Semenya represent Mzansi well, but she had also united the nation, according to Gola. However, it was not the positive tweets about Semenya that landed him on the trends list. This is what did:

“Some of you took a break from witchcrafting to watch Caster. She really did unite the nation. Fly safely back to Limpopo,” the tweet read. It was clearly some sort of reference to how some people had stayed up past the “witching hour” of midnight to watch Caster run.

Tweeps went all out on the comedian (debatable according to them), demanding an apology for “trying to be funny”.

“Loyiso Gola should apologise for that stupid tweet,” one user said.

Here is what others had to say: