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23 Aug 2016
9:24 am

What celebs had to say about ANC’s Jo’burg loss

Citizen Reporter

Some celebrities had something to say after ANC lost Johannesburg to DA.

Image: Wikimedia

This year, celebrities were vocal about their support for the African National Congress (ANC). Celebrities such as Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes, Dineo Ranaka, Minnie Dlamini and Arthur Mafokate, to name a few, were heavily involved in the party’s campaigns, with Mafokate saying he used to perform for free at some of the events.

The support from celebs was so visible it got Twitter asking if they were getting paid for appearing in these campaigns, wondering if they believed in the party or were just doing it for money.

AKA took to Twitter to explain that he was not campaigning for the ANC for money, which now seems a bit more believable, as he is still rallying after it even after it lost Johanneburg to the DA.

Though most of the celebs who were vocal about the #Asinavalo campaign refrained from commenting on the loss, some, however, took to Twitter to express their disappointment.

Author Khaya Dlanga was not pleased with the results, saying he was moving planets because Mashaba had been announced as new mayor.

“They must watch Mashaba and bring him to order. His anti-black views are disturbing,” further saying the people had taught ANC a lesson.

Here is what some celebs had to say:

And reactions from the general public: