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1 Sep 2016
3:02 pm

‘How stupid!’ Unathi slams her C-section ‘hater’

Citizen Reporter

The Idols SA judge said she could not keep quiet as silence sometimes gives people 'more space to play'.

Unathi Msengana's picture on Instagram.

In yet another retort by a celebrity to those “fans” who feel the need to criticise every picture posted on Instagram, this one seems to have stepped into dangerous territory.

Unathi Msengana, along with most of her fans, on Thursday slammed a follower on Instagram who criticised her for posting a picture of herself showing her slim body and what looks like a Caesarean scar.

A user by the name @esolo_rankhumise told Msengana that her body was not “attractive at all”, “more like healing from you are healing from your cesarean [sic] operation”, she wrote, in a comment that has since been deleted.

Msengana’s fans jumped to her defence, with one saying the “hater” needed a new heart transplant. Another fan, nkateko86, commended Msengana for working hard. “I’ve had two c-sections and I don’t look close to that. You are inspiring me.”

The Idols SA judge responded to the criticism, urging fans to forgive the “hater” who was trolling people’s accounts trying to break them.

“They are TOO STUPID to know that what they are telling us is that THEY ARE THE BROKEN ONES! How stupid!”

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When asked why she responded to the “hater”, Msengana said she believed silence sometimes gave people more space to play.

“When we keep quiet, we are saying cyberbullying is okay. It’s NOT. Thank you for having my back. I just can’t allow for that negativity on my page because most people don’t come for that, so I must protect their happy space too. A lot of cruel things are repeatedly said on many celebrity pages BUT I believe somehow people know that if they try that with me it will be dealt with. Most of the time I just BLOCK! Bless n Love,” she wrote.