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13 Nov 2016
3:38 pm

Malema’s sexy picture of his ‘babe girl’ raises eyebrows

Citizen Report

His followers say Malema should have chosen a different picture, as the one he posted was 'inappropriate'.

A picture shared by Julius Malema on Twitter.

Commander in Chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema has left some of his followers wondering if his Twitter account has been hacked.

This after he posted a picture of his “friend” and model Babalwa Mneno with the caption: “She’s my friend and it’s her baeday today, happy earthday my babe girl. I will always be indebted to u 4 ur loyalty [sic].”

However, it was not the birthday message that raised eyebrows. The picture of Babalwa Mneno shared was rather sexy, with the model in a white shirt, and what looks like underwear, if not very short shorts. It seems the model was in a club and smoking a cigar. We must say, Mneno still has it even after all her years out of the spotlight. Even the EFF’s Mandisa thinks so too.

“Babalwa Mneno has always been one of the sexiest ladies in SA. Jealous down! Happy Birthday to her; she exudes girl-power,” she commented on Malema’s post.

Perhaps she was also trying to set the record straight for those who were not sure who the girl in the picture was.

However, most of his followers were not impressed with the “inappropriate” picture.

“You should have choosen a better picture than this one, what messages are you sending to young people as a leader[sic],” one follower asked.

“Last time u criticized the ANC for parading the druggiest now you posting this 1 in public. Show true Ledership Sir [sic],” said another.

Another thought it was unfair that Malema only sent his well wishes to Mneno, and not many other loyal EFF supporters.

“CIC we are the friends of the EFF and loyal as well but never get birthday wishes…kanjani???”

One only said Malema was a lucky man to have a wife who understands “when u have friends like this”.

Share your thoughts. Do you think the picture is inappropriate, or are people blowing this out of proportion?

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