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12 Jan 2017
1:22 pm

Child no. 68 Penny Penny has 18 children of his own

Citizen Reporter

The 'Shaka Bundu' hitmaker has captured the hearts of South Africans with his reality TV show.

Penny Penny. Picture: Twitter.

Penny Penny’s reality TV show, Papa Penny Ahee! aired its first episode on Wednesday night, and South Africans are loving it. The show trended the whole of Wednesday night and Thursday morning, mostly because of Penny Penny’s authenticity.

He invited Mzansi into his home, sharing the fun and sensitive side of him people did not know. First things first; it’s Penny Penny, not Pinny Pinny, he made sure to set that record straight on the first episode.

What we learned about him is that Penny Penny is a family man. He revealed to his fans that his father had 27 wives, and he was child number 68. He, however, did not reveal to us how many children his father had, but we know he has a younger brother.

Penny Penny has previously revealed that he has 18 children of his own, though he has one wife. Unfortunately, he has never met his first-born child, as things went sour between him and the baby mama before the baby was born.

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His outfits reflect his house – well-decorated and entertaining. He did not hesitate to show us his beautiful “Indian” toilet that automatically opens and closes itself. He said he wanted his guests to “enjoy themselves” when they visited the bathroom.

Apart from his entertaining self, some people commented on the musician’s “broken” English, comments that angered many, who said the language was not a measure of intelligence.

His English might not be perfect, but he has done well for himself, they said. Penny Penny knew people would comment on his English, so he addressed the matter on the show. He said he did not go to school, as he grew up working on the farms.

In an interview with DJ Sbu last year, he said his show would break the internet, and he was right.

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