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28 Apr 2017
12:08 pm

Norma Gigaba gives advice on betrayal, says it’s the most painful thing

Citizen Reporter

Reflecting on her past, Norma gave her followers some advice about dealing with being hurt.

Malusi and Norma Gigaba. Image: Instagram

“Betrayal is the most painful thing, and it takes one the longest time to heal and to be able to trust again. We’ve all once experienced it. No matter how painful it is, […] don’t build wall between you and loving people again.

“Don’t be bitter or stop loving because you are scared you might be betrayed again. Don’t carry that pain around you, close the chapter and move on, but be very careful. Continue to love without sharing personal information.”

Norma and her husband, Malusi found themselves at the centre of a cheating scandal when a stylist, Buhle Mkhize, took to social media to expose her affair with the finance minister. Buhle detailed how she and Gigaba would spend holidays together and how he paid for expensive international holidays and gave her close to R500 000 in cash.

Norma has spoken about the affair, opting to stay by Malusi’s side and support him.

“Don’t be tempted to expose yourself and your family too much to the world even if it means those people are in your space 24/7. It is your responsibility to protect you. You can love but share less because you never know when people decide to use the information you shared with them against you or to destroy you.

“Remember we live in a cruel world. Always put in mind that not every listening ear is a caring ear, and betrayal never comes from far. Be careful of close sources to avoid disappointment,” she also wrote.


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