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24 Jul 2017
7:43 am

Roxy Burger is about to become a mom

Citizen Reporter

TV Presenter, Roxy Burger is about to add her most valued title to her ever-growing resume, “MOM”.

Roxy and Neil.

Roxy has been the talk of the town for many months, with people constantly asking, that all important question of when we can expect a little bundle of joy, we are PROUD to announce that Roxy Burger is expecting her first bundle of joy with husband, Neil.

Gone are the K-TV days, where a young and bubbly blonde took to our TV screens to showcase her infectious smile, and bubbly personality.

We are so incredibly excited. My husband and I can’t wait for this new journey! Also a little overwhelmed as in “this is actually happening!” Roxy exclaims.

At 15 weeks, Roxy “can’t wait for that very first sight, the first time I get to see the baby. I can’t wait to see who he or she looks like!

Whilst the sex is unknown, Roxy Burger is due to give birth early January . But until then, it’s “incredibly hot food and anything salty” that has Roxy watering at the mouth.

As for what kind of Mom Roxy hopes to be, she says, “I have absolutely no idea, but I hope a good one, haha! I guess I can only be me at the end of the day.

Only time will tell before Roxy and her husband Neil decide on their baby’s name. “We have thought of a few names. I find the naming process quite hectic! It’s quite a thing naming someone for the rest of their life!” she explains.

With an ever-growing career (and growing tummy to match) we have no doubt that Roxy will fall into the role of motherhood with ease. “If so many women out there can do it, so can I. “ she concludes.

Stay tuned for all things Roxy Burger and Baby!

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