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28 Jul 2017
3:58 pm

She’s a smile keeper, says Warren Masemola on girlfriend

Citizen reporter

The actor gushed about his girlfriend on Friday in an interview with DJ Fresh.

Warren Masemola. Picture: Instagram

Actor Warren Masemola on Friday co-hosted the #FamousFreshFridays with DJ Fresh on Metro FM and opened up about his girlfriend and plans to have 10 children, among other things.

Masemola said though he did not know the secret to a successful relationship, all he did was love. He said he believed in love in abundance, as that was the key to conquering many challenges.

“There is love in abundance in the world, so if we just focus on that and cut out the negativity, we’ll succeed,” he said.

He was getting the love from his girlfriend, who he refused to name, but said she made him happy.

“She’s funny, apart from also being a Taurean, she’s really funny, she teaches me a lot.

“She makes me laugh, she makes me smile, I cry with her, I celebrate with her. She’s a smile keeper,” he said.

He said his girlfriend helped him with Sepedi, as he grew up in Pretoria speaking ‘Sepitori’.

“When I talk to her or her family, I always have to speak properly,” he added.

Growing up, Masemola said he wanted to have 10 children, though that almost changed when he started working. He said he realised he needed to have a lot of money to have the 10 children.

There is still hope for his dreams of a big family, as he has been working hard and feels that would be a blessing to him.

“I’ve been busy working, I’ve been busy building a career, I’ve been busy loving, I am in a relationship so it will happen with time, it’s always a blessing – you can’t buy a blessing,” he said.

Masemola is one of the most diverse actors in South Africa, having played almost every kind of character one can think of.

He won a Safta in Best Supporting Actor in a TV Drama Series earlier this year, an award that most said was long overdue.