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Bernice Maune
3 minute read
19 Aug 2017
12:37 pm

‘Criselda an example of how families tell you to nyamezela when your husband beats you’ – Twitter user slams activist

Bernice Maune

The HIV activist has come under fire for her comments about Mduduzi Manana which seemed to be in support of the beleaguered former deputy minister.

EDUCATOR. Criselda Kananda is the new ambassador of the annual Fezile Dabi HIV/Aids Benefit Concert. Picture: Valentina Nicol

Radio host and HIV activist Criselda Kananda penned a long message about why she was disappointed and shocked by Manana’s behaviour.

She wrote on Instagram that he was wise, dedicated to life and passionate about youth development. Her lengthy post made it onto Twitter where she was slated for defending a woman abuser, especially since she had styled herself as an activist for woman’s issues.

Kananda has spoken candidly about suffering abuse at the hands of her children’s father and living with HIV for over a decade.

“This is a person I have traveled with countrywide to the most rural of villages providing socio-support to students with various issues from HIV infection, substance abuse, GENDER BASED VIOLENCE, etc. I have seen him interact with the most vulnerable students, seen him personally getting involved to seek accommodation, pay fees, help with access to ARV’s and Condoms in institutions of higher learning.

“I know a Mdu who has dedicated his life to developing those who are on the margins through his drive and passion for youth development. I remember conversations where he would say, “young people should be prepared at an early age for the role to lead society for their own future prospects.”

“I know a Mduduzi who strongly believes that one of the ways to realise this possibility is by encouraging young people to be informed, to be engaged, to be educated and to be selfless in uplifting others. He then through relevant campaigns and provided an enabling environment,” she wrote.

On Twitter, Kananda made the trends list for her comments.

Kananda has since issued an apology on her Instagram page, saying she was not condoning his abusive behaviour.

“To those who read my post to the end and still believed I am condoning Mduduzi Manana’s abusive behavior I humbly apologize that’s not the posts’ intention.”

Read the full post below.

My battery died last night and I wake up to so much hate on my social media walls. To those who read my post to the end and still believed I am condoning Mduduzi Manana’s abusive behavior I humbly apologize that’s not the posts’ intention. Yesterday, I spent time with students at the University of Venda, the stories young girls continue to share are scary. 62% of students reported feeling violated by male students on and off campus. These are our sons from our homes already being perpetrators of violence. Maybe let me use the example of Marks Maponyane, a football legend who pleaded guilty to abusing his wife whom he spent 39yrs with. Justice was served. The SABC Sports commentator was fined R3000 or six months imprisonment and a further R6000 or 24 months imprisonment which was wholly suspended for 24 months. What will happen to future female partner? Is this justice for Sylvia Maponyane? He hasn’t publicly acknowledged that he has a problem that needs psychologist and transformational expects. Abusers are not tattooed on their foreheads they are my brother, my friend, my colleagues, my boss, my client. Can we look at how we correct this as a collective. Correcting the behavior for future generations. Our young men are angry, who are they role modeling? We need to use some of these self confessed abusers to change the behavior of our sons. Again I’m sorry to those who found my post offensive I would like us to talk. I’m a lover not a fighter.

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