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8 Sep 2017
11:17 am

When my daughter was conceived I thought I was bisexual, says Somizi

Citizen Reporter

When he found out he was about to be a dad, Somizi told his girlfriend at the time he would play a role in his daughter's life, but wouldn't be in a relationship with Palesa.

Bahumi and her father Somizi. Image: Instagram

While some people have wondered how Somizi, who is gay and very clear about his sexual preference, has a daughter, he has spoken out about the circumstances surrounding her being conceived with his former girlfriend, Palesa Mocuminyane.

During an interview with Kaya FM, Somizi said he thought he was bisexual and was convinced he was attracted to women and men. When he met the mother of his child, he was dating a man at the time, but agreed to be in a relationship with her.

Palesa questioned his sexuality, and he told her he was bisexual, which led to them dating.

“I’ve always lived my truth. When Bahumi’s mother came to me and said, ‘I am attracted to you,’ I told her I’m bisexual. I didn’t say I am straight, I didn’t say so. I told her I have a boyfriend. And she said, ‘oh, okay, if you are bisexual, it means you date both sexes?’ and I said yes because at the time I thought I was bisexual,” he said.

However, Somizi promised Palesa he would be present in his daughter’s life and to support her and their daughter.

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