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17 Oct 2017
12:58 pm

Proverb slates Twitter user hating on him and girlfriend Liesl

Citizen Reporter

The troll will think twice before criticising other people's relationships on social media.

Picture: Instagram.

Musician and Idols SA presenter Proverb recently posted a photo of him and his girlfriend, former Miss SA Liesl Laurie, and social media cannot handle it.

He wrote: “Only a true Queen can make an ordinary man feel like a King.”

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However, there was one comment from a follower who questioned Proverb’s choice of partner.

“Why not an ordinary girl or academia. These celebrities do not make life time partners,” the follower said, eliciting a savage clap back from the rapper, who hardly responds to the hate on social media.

“Please show me where on this post I ask for your advice, view or opinion and where I signed up to live my life on your terms. Thanks,” responded Proverb, leaving many shocked by his unexpected clap back.

The rest of the comments were positive, with most asking when the two would get married. Some said the two were not allowed to break up, referring to recent reports of celebrities getting divorced.

These were some of the comments on the photo:

“And if u break up, we will demand our comments back, we will want our Ncooooh back, we are counting on you. Forward with healthy relationships. Ncoooh.”

“I could not think of a better match for her or you….you two are The PERFECT! match. I don’t know you personally but anyone can see you are a match made in heaven. Keep inspiring us who must still find our better half.”

“You know this is beautiful. Such an eye opener. Because really if he doesn’t see you as his Queen then he isn’t worth the time. I am a Queen. Only a King will see this and allow me to slay in my Queening.”