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25 Oct 2017
10:14 am

No, I’m not carrying a Migos baby, says Azania’s daughter

Citizen Reporter

Shamiso has opened up about the allegations on social media, saying she has never been organised as a 'stocko'.

Azania Mosaka’s daughter Shamiso has opened up about allegations about her being a “stocko” (girls arranged to entertain guys) of American music group Migos during their visit in Mzansi at the weekend.

Shamiso said she did not know Zane, the guy who wrote a Twitter thread about her being organised to entertain the group.

“I certainly have never had an encounter or conversation with him. The fact that I’m being cyber bullied just because he felt the need to lie for the sake of lying is mind-blowing and extremely hurtful,” she said.

Though the thread said she had been arranged to entertain the guys, Shamiso said the only reason she interacted with them was because she had been sitting in the section next to them.

“… Meaning that yes, I could be right next to them without being in their section. I was on the couch of the section I was in, and they were in the couch of their section. Hence Quavo was able to speak to us and offer us drinks, that’s also how I saw Offset’s phone. He was sitting on the backrest of the section next to me,” she said.

Shamiso said some of the tweets that were circulating on social media were not hers, but photoshopped.

While everyone thought the picture of two people in bed was of her and a Migos group member, Shamiso said she tweeted that picture to show she was in bed with her two friends who she had gone home with.

“I was not trying to make it look like I was in bed with a member of Migos, but everyone took it that way [don’t know why],” she said.

The only reason she got a hospitality ticket at the event was because of her friend who gets invited to events often, not because she was organised by the record label to be a “stocko”.

“I’ve never been organised to be a ‘stocko’ by anyone. No, I’m not carrying a Migos baby. No, I was not paid to do anything. No, I was not at the penthouse. No, the threads are not true. No, you cannot tweet someone’s mother and call them a hoe. Bullying is not a joke, and it isn’t just Twitter. This is not about proving myself to strangers but just the overall repercussions of this situation on my future and reputation,” she said.

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