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2 Nov 2017
12:42 pm

WATCH: Tyrese Gibson has emotional outburst, says he’s paying R181k for child support

Citizen Reporter

The singer is embroiled in a legal court battle with his ex-wife for visitation rights for his daughter.

Tyrese. Image: Instagram

Tyrese took to Instagram to speak about his daughter, Shayla whom he hasn’t seen in two months.

Shayla’s mother, Norma, is undergoing a legal battle with Tyrese after he sent flowers and a fruit basket to their daughter’s school and had a plane fly over with a banner telling her he missed her. These actions apparently violated a protection order that was in place.

Norma has alleged that Tyrese physically abused her and hit her while pregnant. She also said he had spanked their daughter so hard that she couldn’t sit down.

Tyrese has insisted that Norma was jealous that he had remarried.

“I been away from my baby for two months, and I just want my baby, and no one’s listening.

“Oh my God, am I doing something illegal by doing this video?”

Tyrese is currently paying R181 000 in child maintenance fees.

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