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10 Nov 2017
4:13 pm

Robbie Malinga is not dead

Citizen Reporter

The Mthande hit maker has been trending all day as rumours made the rounds that he had passed on.

Robbie Malinga performs a duet with Kelly Khumalo at the nominee announcement for the 14th annual Metro FM awards, 22 February 2015, in Bryanston, Johannesburg. The event will be held on the 28th of February 2015 in Durban. Picture: Alaister Russell

Afropop legend Robbie Malinga has been trending since Friday morning for different reasons. Most on social media who were not aware of the reason why he was trending thought he had passed on.

The Mthande hit maker has been in and out of hospitals since last year in November after being diagnosed with anaemia. As a result, he lost a lot of weight, which worried his fans who thought he would not recover from his illness.

He revealed in an interview with DJ Fresh on Friday that some even said he was the face of Bio-Slim.

“You know at home, you start losing weight, they say you’re dying. HIV positive, you know, and I’ve got kids. I don’t have a problem with bad publicity, it’s been 19 -20 years in the game, they’ve been writing stuff around here but now, they are other people like my kids.

“My son is on social media. There was a time when they said I’m the face of Bio-Slim. It was so funny for me, but for my son, it was not,” he said.

Malinga said there was a time when things were so bad he had to be rushed to hospital, as he was struggling to breathe and was not eating. He regained his strength through prayer with his wife, he said.

“Those were hard times, especially this year. It’s not nice going in and out of hospital, I’m scared of needles,” he said.

When some saw him trending, they assumed that he had passed on. Malinga has been trending because he has released his self-titled album, which is said to be a hit.

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