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Tinashe Venge
1 minute read
24 Nov 2017
5:18 am

Euphonik ridiculed for giving Black Friday financial advice

Tinashe Venge

Euphonik’s latest attempt to give financial advice to the masses backfired on him on a big way.

Picture: Supplied

The DJ was trying to prepare South Africans for Black Friday.

Euphonik is one of the most active celebrities on Twitter, even if his opinions are not always very popular. With Black Friday coming up this year, when many of the country’s biggest retailers dropping their prices by as much as 90%, the DJ took the opportunity to warn people away from spending money unnecessarily.

The DJ took to Twitter to write:

“Notice how there’s no Black Friday for share options, property, loans and mortgages. Issa Trap! All the s*** you should be putting your money into won’t be one sale or available cheaper. Produce don’t consume!!!!!”

This isn’t the first time that Euphonik has encouraged his followers to start looking at ways to diversify their investments.

However, his recent suggestion was not met with the reaction he might have hoped to get:

However, many other people corrected Euphonik by suggesting that Black Friday can be beneficial if you were intending on buying certain items anyway:

What is your take on Euphonik’s financial advice? Does he have a point or is he blowing hot air?

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