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Hope Winters
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5 Apr 2018
11:34 am

Five of Zodwa Wabantu’s most controversial moments

Hope Winters

The entertainer left the public shocked on numerous occasions with her questionable statements and actions.

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It’s hardly been three months since Zodwa Wabantu promised to clean up her language on stage, but now she is involved in yet another controversy.

The dancer lost her cool during a recent performance and called one of the audience members a b**ch.

“In 2018, Zodwa Wabantu will change her language but I won’t change, you’ll still get the same Zodwa, she ain’t going nowhere.

“You are going to see her on your small screens, thank you so much for the love and support. I know I express myself differently but thank you so much,” Zodwa said in January.

Well, so much for that.

Here’s a look at some of Zodwa’s most shocking moments.

1. Controversial advice to women 

Zodwa was slammed earlier this year for encouraging women to use their private parts to make money.

“Men like us like this, naked, we have sex at night and we taste nice! Use your a**. This is your power. I mean I don’t even know how to dance but I get R35 000. So my fellow b**ches, be yourselves, don’t change. A** is a**,” Zodwa said in a video that went viral earlier in January.

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She was forced to change her tune when South Africa’s then president, Jacob Zuma, told ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa to contact her manager, DJ Tira. Zodwa vowed to change her language, but not her sexy dance moves.

2. No panty policy

Zodwa is famous for her risqué outfits and her no panty rule, but some fans had enough of her lack of underwear. The dancer’s haters told her to put on a panty after a viral video of her R-rated dance moves. Zodwa obliged, but soon changed her mind when she attended a gig wearing underwear.

Zodwa Wabantu's super-revealing Durban July dress. Picture: Twitter

Zodwa Wabantu’s super-revealing Durban July dress. Picture: Twitter

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“When I got on stage, people were like: ‘Zodwa we can see something blue, you are wearing a panty now?’” during an interview on Afternoon Express in March. Zodwa went back to her no-panty-wearing ways.

3. Banned

Two countries have banned Zodwa from performing. Robert Mugabe famously scolded the entertainer in 2017 and banned her from attending an event in Zimbabwe.

“You just come without covering your decency. What do you want? Men to see you? We don’t want such …” the former president said at a rally.

Zambia deported the dancer back to SA shortly after she landed in the country last month. Immigration officials at the airport escorted Zodwa to a hotel before sending her packing. Officials were allegedly concerned she would “undermine national values” with her sexy dance moves.

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4. Jaw-dropping red carpet looks

Zodwa is known for wearing revealing outfits on the red-carpet, but nobody was prepared for her sexy look at the Feather Awards last year.


Picture: Twitter

The dress left little to the imagination, and Zodwa was not wearing underwear. At one point the dress revealed her private parts!

5. Wig-gate

Zodwa caused controversy recently when she pulled off a woman’s wig at one of her gigs. She snatched the woman’s weave after she allegedly threw a drink in her face. Zodwa was seen walking off stage to confront the woman.

“I don’t like sh*t. You know why? Because I’m just like any of you. I am not a celebrity. I’m here because you love me for being me. I will never let another bi**h just disrespect me. That’s why I took her hair. This doesn’t even look like the expensive kind,” Tshisa Live quoted her as saying onstage.

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