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Tinashe Venge
1 minute read
12 Apr 2018
11:07 am

Khanyi Mbau praised for putting homophobic troll on blast

Tinashe Venge

The star was praised for being a consistently reliable heterosexual ally.

Khanyi Mbau.

Khanyi Mbau will not tolerate any kind of bigotry on social media, and she proved it again by putting a homophobe in his place.

We were all enjoying a relatively peaceful day on the Twitter timelines until a tweep decided to put his foot in his mouth.

The tweep, reportedly from Mpumalanga, took to the social network to air his thoughts on friendships between heterosexual and homosexual men.

He wrote: “Now i understand why straight men hate gays , when you’re being nice to gays they see you as a snack.”

As his followers began to question where this statement was coming from, he added that he was feeling “disrespected”.

Enter Khanyi Mbau. The television star caught wind of the tweet and shared an insightful response:

She handled him with the grace of a boxer landing a jab, by pointing out his double standard before delivering the knock-out blow with her sassy closing statement.

As you can imagine, Khanyi’s followers were on standby waiting for the chance to rub salt in what must have been a painful wound.

Khanyi’s LGBTI followers praised her for being a consistently reliable heterosexual ally.

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