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1 Jun 2018
1:25 pm

AKA throws major shade at Bonang, allegedly accuses her of witchcraft

Citizen Reporter

The rapper came under fire for dissing his ex and accusing her of using witchcraft on him.

AKA has been the talk of the town ever since his freestyle rap video went viral, which many believe is directed at ex-girlfriend Bonang Matheba.

He initially rapped for a small crowd of fans outside a venue, before releasing a song titled Beyonce containing the same lyrics.

The song reveals many intimate details about the former couple’s relationship.

The rapper does not explicitly mention Bonang’s name, but social media users have inferred that he was referring to her.

The chorus opens with the line: “When I left my baby mama, I thought you would be my soulmate – you was a bomb bae.”

He then goes on to later say: “Waited two years just to see you with your weave off … What that says about your character, you was f**king me while I was paying damages.”

Bonang is famous for wearing weaves, from long, straight black hair to a short, blond bob.

Fans were further shocked when it appeared as if AKA accused Bonang of witchcraft on Twitter.

“You think you know someone until you unpack all their sh*t & find rocks tied up in a plastic bag in your bedroom cupboard.

“I’m not talking bath salts … I’m talking the type of rocks you pull out the river. What they’re doing wrapped up in my bedroom? I don’t know.”

Needless to say, many were extremely unimpressed with the rapper’s accusations.

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